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With Backup Calls iPhone App, you can call anyone you want and record the entire conversation. The recording is saved in Backup Calls cloud storage and can be accessed from the mobile phone and the Internet.


You can also use the service with other phones but then you must manually merge the call with our recording services which you can access on our premium rate number.

Backup Call

Why Backup Call?


We've long been surprised that it is not possible to record a phone conversation on an iPhone. So we started thinking about a solution and looked on course for potential competitors. There were more than a handful of competitors, none of them thought, however, our customer-friendly paths.

Record outgoing calls with iPhone


Backup Call's iPhone app, you can record the entire conversation with the person you have dialed.

Record incoming calls


With Backup Call's premium service, you can use all types of phones as well a regular phones and modern smartphones such as the iPhone to record an incoming call. Backup Calls simplest service acts as an answering machine when you call it. To record the person who called you, place it on hold and then dial backup call service and merge the two calls into a conference.


When can I use Backup Call?


Backup Call is very useful when you:



  • arguing with authorities
  • at important business contacts
  • talking to a telemarketer
  • sort out a complicated custody battle
  • discuss with doctors
  • want to borrow aunt's summer house



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Create password

Enter your PIN code and phone number and a new password will be generated


Log in to the admin console. Make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser. Use the PIN code you generated within the BackupCall app, in the Help view.


  • Q.Hello, Is it possible to call anywhere with Backup Call?

    The service is global so you can call anywhere you want.
  • Q.When will the Android version be released?

    Currently we have no plans to develop an Android version.
  • Q.Can you see the sale of the app somewhere?

    Yes you can see it here on apptrace.
  • Q.Can I save the recording that I've done and get it into my Iphone?

    The recording is saved in our cloud service and you will find it in the top right button under recordings. When you click on the file it will be saved in your iPhone, and then played back. Next time you listen to the audio file, it's from your iPhone the file plays.
  • Q.Is it that if I'm in the middle of a conversation and my purchased time has run out, the app does not break the call but continues to record, and I can pay afterwards?

    That's right, it continues to record. It works like a pot that amount is deducted from after the call.
  • Q.Where are the recordings saved? Is it still on the phone so I can listen to it many times?

    The audio files are stored in our cloud service and stored until you delete them. When listening to an audio file on your iPhone for the first time it is downloaded to your phone and you can then listen to it whenever you want.
  • Q.Can I transfer the call to my computer?

    The easiest way is to log on to the web service and save the audio file from there.
  • Q.Hey, I was wondering how much your service will cost?

    Backup Call have ten minutes for thorough testing of the product.

    If you need more minutes you purchase it through in-app payments.

    The following are the prices:
    10 minutes of recording costs 28 SEK
    30 minute recording costs 85 SEK
    50 minutes of recording costs 149 SEK